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auto loans

We offer flexible financing terms and competitive rates. We have a reputation for offering some of the lowest auto loan rates in town. We strive to give you fast answers. You can even be pre-approved, go shopping with your credit line ready, and deal on a cash basis. We also have purchasing libraries in both locations that allow you to make an informed decision.
Auto Buying Tips
Before shopping determine how high a payment you can afford based on your current net income and outgoing bills. Don't forget to consider insurance cost on your new vehicle. Our lending staff can help you determine your payment range and loan amount. You can also use the Loan calculator. Then you will be ready to shop.
Below are tips to help you negoiate with dealers:
1. Zero percent financing vs. rebate. Take the rebate and use credit union financing. Auto makers raised the price of the autos when they started 0% financing. By negotiating and taking the rebate you will come out better. Rebate calculator, 0% is normally limited to certain models and loan terms. Also, some dealers will claim your credit score is higher than it actually is and tell you that you only qualify for a higher interest rate.
2. Another scenario is a dealer says you can drive the auto home today and get a great rate. A few days later the dealer calls and says you did not qualify for the rate and your payment will increase. The fine print on the contract says “subject to financing approval.” You can not get out of this contract and your old car has already been sold.
3. Never tell a dealer how much you can afford a month, they will use it against you in negotiations. Negotiate the price first, on a cash paying basis, then calculate the payment.
4. Mandatory credit checks are not allowed unless you are financing with a dealer. Do not give them your social security or drivers license numbers. They simply use the information to find out as much about you during negotiations.
5. Protection package fees pre-printed on the deal sheet are not required and are negotiable. These fees usually amount to 100% markup for things already done at the factory such as fabric protection and rust proofing.
6. Do not purchase from a dealer who requires you to sign a mandatory arbitration clause, this protects the dealer, not you, and limits your recourse.

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